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Reviews of White Mythology

“…a zany zagging yarn, crowded with MacGuffins and red herrings … I enjoyed White Mythology (especially Skinner Boxed, which, typing this out, I realize I’d like to read again)…Good stuff.”   —Biblioklept (“White Mythology and “Sixteen Books I Wish I’d Written More About In 2016“)

“…ultimately, the reading of a book is a one-way dialogue and it’s not so much a cure for loneliness as a cosmetic treatment of a symptom. We might consider this when reading WD Clarke’s two novellas, White Mythology, and the role that books, especially novels as distinct from books or narrative, play in the text…”  —Chris Beausang, Analogue Humanist

“The wordplay and the unusual approach of taking a linear thinker used to a black-and-white world and pinpointing the moments of his change are exquisitely presented”   —Midwest Book Review


Goodreads reviews for White Mythology:

White Mythology

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